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Jeff Williams
March 2, 2022 | Jeff Williams

Crazy Times!

Can we all agree that we are living in some truly crazy times?!  COVID, post-COVID, supply chains, inflation, interest rates, Ukraine, etc., etc.  While it might seem overwhelming at times I can make a case that we are, as a society and as a nation, living in remarkable times.  Does anyone truly believe "people were better off in..(pick a year)?  Yes, we have challenges but those are met by moving forward.  The best news I can deliver right now is that it is almost (officially) SPRING!

What is Spring but a season of renewal and rebirth.  The days grow longer, temperatures moderate, wildflowers bloom and Cicada Cellars releases new wines!  While I cannot convey an exact date I can tell you we have an exciting new lineup headed your way...stay tuned!


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